Do you want to be
my Valentine?
Mi amor, I love you with all my heart. Every time I see your beautiful
face, I fall in love with you even more. Your voice is just so cute and
nice to hear, I wish I could listen to you all day long. You are so
pretty, that I couldn’t even dream of anything prettier than you.
I wish I could physically be with you, and spend time with you.
You make every day perfect, and I hope I do the same thing for you.

I am not very good with words and you know that, I fucked up a lot
of times and I am sorry for that. I will always stand by you, no matter
what, as long as you allow me to. I love you, and that will never
change. I wish we could physically meet, I want to hug and kiss you!
You are my entire world, my all and everything. Every day, you are
my first thought, and every night you are my last. Someone like you
is extremely rare, and you think you aren’t perfect, or even good
enough for me, But you are more than I could have ever wished for.
Honest, smart, pretty, perfect. I think that sums you up the best!

Even when you are „complaining“ as you say, I love to listen to you,
hear your thoughts, support you! I know I can count on you, you are
always there for me, and I love you for that. Thank you mi amor for
saving my life, now its time for me to save yours <3 (yeah that part
is stolen from Eminem)